Temperature, humidity, and (0.35-40 μm) microparticle transmitter

A highly accurate and reliable measuring device is ideal for real-time, wireless measurement and monitoring of dust and particle quantities in the construction site and the building in use.

Air/dust particles are in reported several categories, including:

  • Dust particles that are hazardous to health: PM1.0 – PM10 particle size
  • Dust particles that impact job site cleanliness: PM10 – PM40 particle size

Results are reported & alerted as 8-hour average exposure in um/m3 (for OSHA limit alerts)

Technical Details(pdf) technical-details-egate-kombi-LWUS-RHT-Dust40-USA-EN_2022-02-19

Manual(pdf) manual-egate-kombi-USA-EN_2022-03-30

Quick start manual(pdf) quick-start-manual-egate-kombi-USA-EN_2022-03-30