When your goal is zero safety incidents, you must take everything into account. Site bIoTics SMARTT Safety Program is not your average safety program. SMARTT can monitor, calculate, predict, and mitigate safety hazards with our customized and tailored program.

How well have you incorporated analytics in your decision-making? Is your company using data to discover new and innovative ways to mitigate risk? Do you have a strategic plan for analytics in place?

Becoming an organization that makes data-fueled decisions requires more than sophisticated analytical methods and tools. Fulfilling the promise of analytics requires a sustained commitment to data-driven decision-making—for most companies, this means implementing a formal analytics strategy. Unfortunately, one of the barriers to unlocking the full potential of analytics is organizational. The analytics team typically operates in its own silo, which results in data-driven decisions that are hard to make. Because of this, data-driven decision-making is unlikely within these organizations. Instead, you drive change by integrating and using analytics daily.

GOAL: Drive employee risk lower create less injury, incident, and losses.

  1. STRATEGY: Align your analytics program with your organization’s strategy
    a. What makes my organization different? Industry, Work performed, etc.,
  2. DATA: Integrate multiple data streams – both quantitative and qualitative- into the decision-making process.
    a. Insurance Premiums, Workers Comp Claims, Injuries, Safety Metrics, Bids Awarded, Production, etc.,
  3. PROCESS: Think critically about the decision-making process, the types of decisions you need to make, and
    the data you will use.
    a. Are we good or lucky? How do we make and keep our employees safe? How do we sustain a
    safer mindset into our organization’s daily decision-making?
  5. COMMUNICATION: Develop a digestible transfer of data derived from your analytics program that
    stakeholders can utilize to make decisions.
    a. MRR, Risk Mitigated, Risk Absorbed, etc.,
Congratulations, you just saved $17,573.00 on annual insurance cost

Are you ready to transform your company’s safety and save money on your insurance? SMARTT Safety Program is tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Contact us today to get started.