SMARTT™ Labels

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What are SMARTT™ Labels, and how does it differ from QR codes? QR codes are great, and they are a great way to point you to a predetermined website, information, or contact. You scanned one to get here. But, that is also their limitation.

SMARTT™ Labels

Is this a QR code? If not, what’s the difference?

Similar but different. QR code is hardwired to a digital address. You have to preconfigure & print QR codes beforehand (i.e., you must plan ahead). SMARTT™ Labels powered by BitRip code are 100% fluid. It can be linked to any information at any time. This removes the pre-configuration and printing steps. You rip, stick, scan, and upload on the go. Also – BitRip can wrap around stuff!

What is it?

A quick and easy way to attach any type of digital information to something physical. Just rip a piece of tape, stick it where you need it, scan it, and upload voice memos, pictures, PDF documents, texts, website links, etc. It’s as easy as texting.

What else? Because information is stored in the cloud, you can share it with anyone. Collaborate with others on any label. You can make labels public or private – your choice. And every time you scan the label, it automatically updates its location so you can see all labels on a live map.

How would you use it? There are endless ways you can use BitRip. Some of our favorites are tracking punch list items, tracking equipment and maintenance, managing employee training and contact information, or uploading project drawings for quick and easy access.

What can you use SMARTT™ Labels for?

Try it out for yourself!

As a special for ABC members, we have created a demo below for you to see how easy and efficient SMARTT™ Labels are.

Thank you for checking out our SMARTT™ Labels powered by BitRip. Click the button and fill out the information if you would like a free 30 demo of Desktop Pro.

Create a dynamic label in seconds; no printer necessary.
Designed for maximum efficiency, BitRip even lets you paste existing templates onto new labels with one tap of a button.
A single label is a live stream of unlimited attachments.
​One label becomes a robust communications platform with built-in features such as tags, notifications, calendar integration, GPS tracking, and English – Spanish text translation.
Even our smallest roll holds a hundred labels, all neatly organized in a digital library.
Need to find a specific label quickly? Just type in the attributes using our search tool and instantly see all labels that meet that criteria.
Switch over to logbook, and see a behind-the-scenes look at label activity.
A running history of every scan, user, location, time/date, and critical actions, all of which can be exported to a CSV file at any time.
RFID can set you back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in set-up and equipment fees.
BitRip is a low-cost alternative that uses simple GPS data pulled from a smartphone to let you keep track of the last known asset locations on a map.
Teamwork and seamless and secure communication are vital in any industry.
With that in mind, our Projects feature groups labels and people together to share information rapidly across a network. On top of this, it enables private brands, so only the right people can scan and access information.

DEMO SMARTT™ Labels Today

Instructions for Demo

  1.  Use one of the links below to download either the Android or Apple app. Don’t worry, it is free (always).
  2.  Signup for an account.
  3. Scan the SMARTT™ Label below.
  4. That is it. It is that simple.

Note: This demo does not include the Desktop Pro. If you would like to try it, please fill out the information below, and we will let you try it free for 30-days.


SMARTT™ Labels powered by BitRip give you the power to store any digital information within the label. SMARTT™ Labels ack like a digital whiteboard.

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