Desktop Pro

Since the start of the new year, we’ve been having a blast showcasing our desktop product to our customers who have been clamoring for the opportunity to achieve a centralized view of all their labels in the field. Customers large and small have been delighted by the clean, easy-to-use interface, the speed of the connection between mobile and desktop, and the functionality that importing and exporting labels unlocks.

We’ve continually heard from world-leading construction customers to specialized trade shops: “This is exactly what I needed to begin using BitRip.”

We are proud to make the complete package available to all of our customers. With our tape/label products providing the connection to physical goods and locations, our mobile applications enabling you to put unlimited nodes in the field scanning tape, and our desktop providing real-time transparency, our customers have the ability to quickly and easily deploy this end-to-end solution.

Option 1 – Basic – Just try the product. Sign up on the site, download the app for free, and we’ll email you digital labels that you can use to test the scanning capabilities.

Option 2 – Mobile-only w/tape – Sign up on the site, download the app for free, order a roll of tape. This option is best for on-the-go and low-volume applications.

Option 3 – Desktop Pro – our recommendation – Sign up on the site, get a 30-day free trial for the desktop, download the mobile app for as many users as needed, and order discounted tape. We’ll contact you and set up a 30-minute call to work with you on using it best to meet your needs.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we hope you’ll join the hundreds of customers who are using BitRip to solve key pain points for their businesses.

We can’t wait to hear from you.